In the modern environment, the biggest deficiency of a person is to devote time to himself, to concentrate on his own desires. Everyday activities often make us lose the sense of what we really want, who we really are.


Living your life, connecting with your desires, connecting with yourself, your family members, the environment and the world, is a daily choice that once you make, you will surely feel that you are living like no one else has, because you are creating your own special story and history.


Home is always the best place in your life to return to yourself, to realize your desires. And m² with its projects, services and diverse spaces helps you "live your own life" - like no one else has lived.

Our mission

To create and develop such modern, innovative and safe spaces and places that will connect people with themselves, family members, environment and allow them to live their own life in a special way

Our values

Freedom | Innovativeness | Focus on care | Constant development



m² X Tako Mekvabidze

m²-s new message – “Live your own life” has been integrated into the clothes, so that it, as a trend, as a constant concern for self-realization and a connection with...